Plastic Core
Plastic Core

Plastic cores are the where plastic products such as stretch films, greenhouse coverings, mulch films, etc. are wrapped. It is called as spool rack as well. When the paper-based bobbins get wet, roll ends are caused harm and the product which has been wrapped on it causes reduction. Plastic bobbins which we use in Vatan Plastics prevents such negative outcomes.

They are water and moisture resistant. So, they ensure the material wrapped on themselves to be fully used.

Negative impacts such as rustiness and rotting are not observed in plastic cores.

They are strongly endurable against the impacts and even if they get impact, they can maintain their functions properly.

They can be recycled easily and processed and reused in plastic production.

Wall Thic.Int. Dia.Ext. Dia.ColorLength
2 mm53 mm57 mmOptionalOptional
3 mm45 mm51 mmOptionalOptional
4 mm51 mm59 mmOptionalOptional
4 mm55 mm63 mmOptionalOptional
4 mm68 mm76 mmOptionalOptional
5 mm51 mm61 mmOptionalOptional
5 mm76,8 mm86,8 mmOptionalOptional
8 mm76,8 mm92,8 mmOptionalOptional
10 mm76,8 mm96,8 mmOptionalOptional
12 mm76,8 mm100,8 mmOptionalOptional
14 mm76,8 mm104,8 mmOptionalOptional
16 mm76,8 mm108,8 mmOptionalOptional

– Internal diameter, external diameter and wall thickness might vary upon the customer demand.

– Fully recyclable materials are used in the production.

– Max. External Diameter 110 mm