When Vatan Plastik was established in 1957 by  Behruz VATANDOST, Turkey was just meeting with “Plastic”. Carrying out manufacture with its own design machinery in an area for 25 sqm within one of the historical commercial facilities of Istanbul, Vatan Plastik determined its target:

Unconditional customer satisfaction… The road to this target was going through constant development, education and technology and Vatan Plastik foundation was laid on these essentials.

In this journey beginning with PVC pipe production, technology and innovation have brought product diversity and success. Vatan Plastik started to include PE Film, greenhouse covering and plastic products within its product range within several years. The first modern factory which continues its manufacturing with the need of a more modern facility within the process when its development continued to progress was established in 1975. While the faith in quality and customer satisfaction increased the business activity volume and product variety, in 1983 the second, in 2006 the third and in 2012 the fourth and in 2015 the fifty major facility launched their manufacturing.

Vatan Plastik is a firm which launched many new projects within its manufacturing life. It ensured the decrease the greenhouse covering thickness from 400 microns to 180 microns in 1972 and enabled the extension of the lifetime of plastic greenhouse coverings with the production of UV.

It launched a new era in greenhousing by decreasing the necessity of agrochemicals on greenhouse coverings produced at the beginning of 2000s for the first time. Another significant first-time-ever Project for Vatan Plastik is to cause polyethylene saving for thousands of tones by adding calcite to the raw material of plastics.

… And since its establishment, Vatan Plastik has been world leader of Turkish Plastics industry with production capacity for 200.000 tons annually and export activity for 100 countries in 5 continents at the point where it stands today while moving towards its targets.