Vatan Plastics has been providing servicer for a long period to chemistry industry with high performance products which we have developed in our chemistry department. DOTP-based V200 Phthalate Free Plasticizers produced by advanced technology in our chemistry factory has been used by cable, artificial leather, granule, hose, membrane filter and similar PVC producers since 2011. Even though it is used less commonly compared to the other plasticizers, pre and post aging expansion and breaking strength figures are significantly high.


With its usage up to 15% in productions apart from TTR type cable in cable sector, it bears perfect results in all tests. In each expansion, breaking, aging and step tests in each type of production in artificial leather sector, it bears high performance compared to DOP, DINP and other DOTPs. Advanced wetting characteristic can be observed in productions where small amount of plasticizers are used such as skin plate especially.

V200 Phthalate Free (DOTP-Based Plasticizer)

It is used in cable, artificial leather, PVC flooring, footbed, plastic ball, PVC door-window piping production and by PVC granule producers. Such chemicals called as plasticizers are used in finishing PVC, rubbery and other various thermoplastic materials and facilitating the flow and ordering the flow mechanics.

V150 Phthalate Free (Yellow)

DOTP V150 in yellow/brown colors developed as the result of the scientific researches conducted since 2015 in Vatan Plastics Chemistry Department are coming to the forefront with its significant cost advantage. Therefore, it replaces transparent DOTP in pigment-reinforced production processes where (water color) transparent final product is not realized in each day. Apart from its color, it is strongly preferred because it’s all technical and physical values and expansion, breaking and aging figures are exactly same with the transparent DOTP.

All scientific researches conducted and data obtained have revealed that Vatan Plastics is the most right solution and most economical raw material for the cable, artificial leather, granule, film, hose, membrane filter and similar PVC producers.

D.O.P (Dioctyl Phthalate)

It is commonly used by the PVC producers producing cable, artificial leather, granule, film, hose, membrane filter, etc. It is recommended to be used in cellulose acetate-butyrate, ethyl cellulose, natural and synthetic rubber, thin film production, covering the textile goods, packaging materials, adhesives, protective and hot coverings.

M. Net
Refraction Index
R. Point
Viscosity 25˚C
Cas No

0.983 g/ml – 0.985 g/ml
79 cps – 82 cps
Max 15 APHA
Exclusive and soft