Production Methods

The products within the Vatan Plastik are manufactured by the extrusion method.

1. Film Extrusion Method;

The film is manufactured vertically by being inflated with compressed air in this method.
Many of our machines have the Coex Extrusion system.
Multi-layer HDPE and LDPE films are produced by applying the raw materials and additive with requested properties to each layer of the film separately.
By this means more useful and higher qualified products are manufactured.
Our greenhouse and shrink films are manufactured in our coex film extrusion lines.
Four color printing can be performed on our films that we produced with the Film Extrusion Method.


2. Cast Extrusion Method;

The cast film is produced horizontally by extruding the film over the cooling roller on which the film is cooled through a flat slit increasing manner.
All of our cast film production lines are coex.
According to the desired properties of the product, they are produced by applying the raw materials and additive in appropriate amount to the layers.
Our stretch films are produced in our cast extrusion lines.


3. Compound Extrusion Method;

We have 5 machines in our department where we produce our compound products.
We have the extruders with single and double screws that are works with the volumetric and gravimetric feeding system.

We manufacture our filled PE / PP Polymers and additives by the Compound Extrusion method.